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The Most Expensive Keyboard I’ve Ever Unboxed…

the minute you get your hands on this wonderful portable you find yourself with an urge to express yourself now that can be mighty important not only in school but in later life too so I’ve made videos on many unusual crazy keyboards computer keyboards Bluetooth keyboards wireless keyboards wired keyboards touch keyboards laser keyboards if there’s a keyboard I’m probably gonna look at it it’s very surprising how diverse the world of keyboards is it to me seems to indicate that people have a very particular taste when it comes to their choice in keyboard what I’m gonna show you today possibly the craziest keyboard that I have ever featured it also might be the most expensive I can’t remember well it’s 300 bucks this thing is expensive and I have to tell you that it’s called the quirky writer s a typewriter inspired mechanical keyboard this embraces a different mindset a different time period the click in the clack the war in the piece to kill a mockingbird brave new world Lord of the Flies the company is called quirky toys there’s a picture of what it looks like us an attention-grabbing thing you put that in the den a glass of cognac next to it fine wood grain and the smell of leather let’s take a closer look at this thing [Music] does look cool feel like I’m about to crack the code this thing is heavy hole boy look it’s a real typewriter field now the switches are cherry MX blue that little plaque to it BAM this tray is if you want to use iPad or a phone this apparently is programmable but that’s a throwback that’s some clear steps and front makes indenting easier – typewriter days as well same with these knobs on the side LEDs along the top that I can see another button USB connector to use it in a wired fashion a traditional-style power switch on this side braided style USB cable but that’s micro USB though oh it isn’t micro USB connector so it’s more secure look at that that’s in there this will be cool like a volume knob maybe it is so this thing will work on PC Mac Android and iOS got it connected to this macbook pro over here my intuition was to test this knob for volume that’s exactly what it does that is cool what does this side supposed to do I don’t know maybe nothing you know this what does this do no it’s enter it acts as enter a test – Wow I kind of like it the quick brown fox jumps over Jack what vertical scroll let’s just fill this up he’s right that’s kind of nice so you do a little webpage scroll in there now you probably have a scroll wheel on your mouse but they’re trying to market the idea of using this with your iPad you’ll want to reach up and it’s annoying because you’re busy how about that well you’re sitting over there yelling yelling and screaming and the truth of the matter is you do your research I wanted to be Tom Cruise against Matt Lauer I’m not out here trying to prescribe ritalin I am NOT gonna go out and say get your kids on ritalin it’s the cure-all Matt in the end don’t have but here’s the point Matt don’t be glee with glitter can you explain to me will what this 10 M 20 M 30 M situation is this is mapped to brightness oh they’re macros are we talking macros are we talking macaroni I saw a channel the other day on trending which is a guy who specializes in living like it’s 200 or 300 years ago have you seen this guy welcome to 18th century cooking I’m John Townsend and we’re doing macaroni or we might call today macaroni and all right so listen there’s obviously a massive novelty factor here there is spectacle here but they didn’t skimp on the functionality you’ve got cherry MX blue switches the thing is made out of metal it compared a three separate Bluetooth devices you can use it wired if you choose to so fear about this style if you look at this and you feel inspired it could be the next Harry Potter and I think she’s doing all right for himself how many books did she sell Willy do four hundred and fifty million half a billion Harry Potter books and she owes it all to the QWERTY writer s you need to know about it kaboom